Services for Ecologists and Consultants

Ecological data requests

Our professional ecological data request service provides Statutory and non-Statutory site boundaries, habitat and species information to inform Planning Applications, Environmental Impact Assessments, Strategic Environmental Assessments, Management Plans and Farm Environment Plans.

Further information about our ecological data request service is available on the Data Request page of the website and if you have any further queries feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

Local Wildlife Site (LWS) data

NEYEDC works alongside the North Yorkshire & City of York SINC (Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation) Panel and the East Riding of Yorkshire LWS Panel, holding the site boundaries and species lists for all second-tier sites that have been surveyed. We can supply site survey reports, citations and habitat maps for LWSs in these areas, and further information is available on the Data page.

Maps of species, sites and habitats

We can provide mapping of individual species, taxonomic groups, designation sets at scales ranging from site-specific through county distribution maps to wider sub-region maps.  We can provide these  in various formats to suit your needs, including pdf maps, GIS layers and online mapping services.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Survey

NEYEDC operates a Sensefly eBee Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which is capable of capturing aerial imagery in both the visible spectrum as well as near Red-edge wavelengths.  NEYEDC holds a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) as well as having two qualified UAV pilots.  Our UAV setup is particularly suited to site survey jobs, and can produce aerial photography (in GeoTiff format), Digital surface model amongst other datasets.  The UAV has been successfully used in several projects including coastal habitat monitoring, upland peat moor hydrological modelling and submerged vegetation mapping at a nature reserve site.


Records submission

The CIEEM Code of Professional Conduct says that ecological data generated through ecological surveys should be made available by passing them to the relevant LERC. This helps to improve the evidence base and provides benefit to all users of the LERC service. It is also a condition of Natural England protected species licenses (e.g. Great Crested Newt licenses, Bat licenses) that survey results be submitted to the Local Environmental Records Centre.

We understand that compiling records from surveys can be time consuming and we appreciate the data we receive from ecological consultants. Submitting records on an excel sheet is by far the quickest way for us to import the records, we have a downloadable template spreadsheet, NEYEDC Species Recording Form, which is ideal for submitting data to us.

Ecological Consultants can make use of the Consultants Portal, developed by CIEEM, NBN Trust, Biological Records Centre and ALERC. This is a central place for Ecological Consultants to upload records, which could then be downloaded by the respective LERC, without the Consultant having to cut the data to send out to multiple LERCs. Go to to find out more.

Consultants can also make use of iRecord which allows records to be entered into a single central database and the appropriate LERC can then download them for local use. This can be done either by entering individual records, or by using the bulk uploader which allows you to upload a spreadsheet to your iRecord account. This allows you to add to your records and view your records online, and allows us to download the records and put them to use straight away.

Analysis and modellingNEYEDC are currently working on various projects related to habitat suitability modelling and green infrastructure / network mapping.  NEYEDC can also provide complex GIS analysis and modelling services.


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