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NEYEDC and the YNU Conference 2019

Are you a student in Yorkshire? Are you interested in biological recording and technology? We are providing a number of FREE tickets to the joint Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union and North and East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre conference, titled “New Tools and Technology for Biological Recording and Conservation”, taking place on the 6th of April at the University of York. More information about the conference, including the programme, can be found at If you would like to apply for a Free ticket download the application form here and we will be in touch: YNU Conference 2019 Student Ticket Application

If you need a .doc version of the form you can download it here: YNU Conference 2019 Student Ticket Application – doc version

NEYEDC has always worked with naturalists and volunteers with a view to ensuring that the best possible data is available to inform decisions that affect conservation, land management and sustainable development in North and East Yorkshire. NEYEDC understands the sensitivities that surround ecological data, and is working with both new and well established organisations and with individual recorders within the framework of the new data protection legislation to ensure that all data which could help to inform decision-making is made available.

Our work ranges from the more technical aspects of data collection & collation, through providing help and support to those working to share data to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible, to staging public events which aim to promote recording and recruit members of the public into the world  of Biological Recording

Training and support

NEYEDC can provide support individuals, societies and organisations to install and operate data management tools such as the Recorder 6 species database.  We can help provide advise on the most appropriate method of data management depending on resources available, technical expertise and the desired outputs

Maps of species, sites and habitats

We can provide mapping of individual species, taxonomic groups, designation sets or personal datasets at scales ranging from site-specific through county distribution maps to wider sub-region maps.  We can provide these  in various formats to suit your needs, including pdf maps, GIS layers and online mapping services.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Regular submission of records

The organised study of Natural History has a tradition in Yorkshire going back at least 150 years and over that time a substantial knowledge-base has been developed.  It is important that data and information about sites, species and habitats are used to inform decision-making at all scales, but particularly in local forward planning and development control.

Regular recording of either a particular taxonomic group, site or area can provide extremely useful information in monitoring condition or populations over time.  We realise that it can be quite time-consuming to collate records for submission to us and we really do appreciate the efforts to which you go to ensure your valuable information is included in local decision-making.

Data Formats

To ensure your records are used in decision-making processes as efficiently as possible you should submit your records directly to us. The best way to submit your records is on an excel spreadsheet, as this allows us to quickly check the records and import them directly into our database. We will accept records in any format – such as word documents or paper records, but due to the limited resources at our disposal we may prioritise data in formats we can more easily import.
We have a downloadable template spreadsheet, NEYEDC Species Recording Form, which is ideal for submitting data to us.

Online recording

Records can also be uploaded to iRecord, using the bulk-uploader which allows you to upload a spreadsheet to your iRecord account. This allows you to add to your records and view your records online, and allows us to download the records and put them to use straight away.

Licensing data

Where larger datasets are provided to NEYEDC or data is passed to us on a regular basis we will issue a Data Collation license, which outlines the recorder’s rights as the data owner both in terms of data protection and attribution of data, and in terms of how we intend to process the data and use it, see Our Policies  page to view and download our Data Management policies.


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